Industry sectors
Automobile construction: assembly of complete vehicles, cars and trucks, CKD
Electronics production / EMS: measurement technology, control devices, power electronics for power tools and aircrafts
Medical technology / production technology for pharmaceutical production
Metal processing including surface treatment: aluminum, stainless steel, body construction, electroplating
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02.Wir verbessern uns ständig
03.Wir sind ehrlich und zuverlässig
Projekte abgeschlossen
Core business

Our core business is the goal and result-oriented management and controlling of complex tasks and projects.

We work according to internationally recognized standards, which we adapt individually to the requirements and goals of our customers and apply them as planned.

Thanks to our process model, which has been specially developed for use in international companies, we are able to structure projects and start implementing them within a few days. Our model has been used successfully in the implementation of very different plans and projects around the world.


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