Core business

Our core business is to offer target- and result-oriented management and controlling of complex projects and enterprises.

We work according to internationally recognized standards, which we are tailoring to individual customer process standards and management environments, requirements and targets. We control the application of plans as they are planned and we report intermediate stages according to defined KPIs in frequent meetings.

Thanks to our UCE project process model, which has been specially developed for use in international companies, we are able to structure projects and start implementing them within a few days. Our model is based on 2 powerful international recognized standards which we have merged to our new UCE project process model. Our model is used successfully in the implementation of a wide variety of planning, projects and enterprises around the world.


  • A project is running out of control and shows weak performance of the team, non-transparent status with risk to lose targets and risk to fail.
  • Task force assignments. Cases: immediate restart after a plant lock-down, resumption of production and activation of the supply chain.
  • Improvement / efficiency projects in case the supervisory board is dissatisfied with market / customer feedback, profit, effort and costs
  • A time- or resource limited project is too extensive and cannot be implemented with the regular workforce in parallel to day-to-day business. Application cases can be: factory preparation as part of production planning, planning and implementation of location and production relocations, search / scouting for new locations
  • Your company has been audited and the resulting requirements must be processed. There is a lack of appropriate experts in your organization for designing, planning and implementing solutions to fix the findings in time.


  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Value stream mapping
  • Design of solution approaches, strategy planning and implementation planning
  • Cost, time and effort calculation for project applications
  • Planning and consultation for companies and projects
  • Project planning and preparation
  • Implementation of plans or projects
  • In all cases: accompanying project control and project management tailored to your needs by UHLIG Consulting according to tried and tested standards, audit-proof.


Solutions individually tailored to your requirements, elaborated by our independent, entrepreneurial-minded specialists and executives with a lot of experience from international assignments and from different industries.

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